Business Administration Degree

Business Administration Degree Program

A business administration degree is an excellent foundation for any career you wish to pursue, with core classes that teach you how a company or organization works. Choosing a concentration in the business administration degree program will take you even further, developing your skill set in a particular area 和 giving you insight into one or more features that contribute to a successful business.

There are several concentrations you can choose from:

Human Resource 管理  (also available online)
International Business
管理  (also available online)
Supply Chain 管理

99.8% of WSC grads are employed or in grad school

Percent of recent WSC graduates employed or in graduate school
based on the most recent 毕业生调查


度为: B.A. 或B.S. in Business Administration

Business foundation: 15
浓度:21  (Public accounting requires 49 hours)
General education: 41
To graduate from WSC: 120

受欢迎的未成年人: Computer Information Systems, 经济学, International Studies, 管理 Information Systems, Merch和ising 和 Design, 心理学, 西班牙语, 言语交际, 体育运动管理, 旅游及旅游业

学校: Business 和 Technology

部门: Business 和 经济学

认证: International Accreditation Council f或Business Education (IACBE)

奖项和排名: 我们的 MBA课程 is consistently ranked high statewide 和 nationwide, including No. 内布拉斯加州排名第一. 9在美国.S. for Most Affordable Online Colleges by OnlineU.orgNo. 1 in Nebraska for accredited MBA课程s by OnlineMBA.


In addition to having the region’s most affordable tuition, we offer thous和s of dollars in scholarships every year. Learn more about scholarships 和 aid for your business administration degree.


Wayne State has the keys to your success 和 offers just what you need to become well prepared for the real world in the business administration degree program.

Business administration degree skills


  • 会计 fundamentals
  • Principles of economics
  • 管理财务
  • Production 和 operations management
  • 管理 theory 和 practice
  • Principles of marketing
  • Legal 和 ethical st和ards of business
  • Presentation 和 public speaking
  • Oral 和 written communication
  • Computer literacy 和 competency


business administration degree careers


  • 会计
  • 企业主/ CEO
  • Human resource specialist
  • 办公室经理
  • 财务顾问
  • 商店经理
  • 销售协调员
  • 保险代理人
  • 银行或信贷员
  • 房地产经纪人

business administration degree employers


  • Business 和 corporations
  • Banks 和 financial institutions
  • 会计师事务所
  • 零售商店
  • 保险公司
  • 房地产中介
  • Schools, colleges, 和 universities
  • 政府机构
  • Non-profit 组织
  • Manufacturing companies



我们的 faculty are accomplished professionals that have been recognized as experts in their fields. With a low student-to-faculty ratio, you'll be sure to receive an excellent education in the business administration degree program.

Outside the Classroom

At OG体育官网, you’ll have opportunities to enhance your education in the business administration degree program by participating in clubs, 组织, 实习, 和更多的.



Make a difference in the community while learning skills you can apply toward your future career. 韦恩州立的 的服务培训 program has received national awards in recognition of outst和ing community service, with more than 400 students participating in 的服务培训 projects each semester.

Business Student Activities


  • Business Competition Day – Show your 领导 skills by helping to facilitate 和 judge this annual competition, where hundreds of students from Nebraska 和 Iowa high schools compete for a chance to win scholarships.
  • Executive in Residence - Meet corporate pros at this annual event 和 address real-world concerns, including topics such as business ethics, 企业文化, 领导, 和 the changing world of business.
  • 出国留学 - Earn credit toward your degree while experiencing exciting global adventures overseas.
business administration degree 实习



We encourage all students to complete an internship before graduating with a degree in business administration.  You are not required to complete an internship; however, 职业服务 is available to help you find internship 和 employment opportunities if you wish to do so.